Service Packages

Service Packages represent slices of the architecture that address specific services like traffic signal control. A service package collects together several different physical objects (systems and devices) and their functional objects and information flows that provide the desired service. The table below is a menu of service packages with underlying graphics and definitions. By following the links, you can traverse to the physical, enterprise, and functional view components that are associated with each service package, as well as tabs for other supporting content.

The table below is a menu of service packages with underlying graphics and definitions. Some service packages support multiple implementations, which are identified with the term (Implementations) in the table.

Type Sort

Area Short Name
Traffic Management TM14 Advanced Railroad Grade Crossing
Maintenance and Construction MC10 Asset Tracking
Vehicle Safety VS16 Automated Vehicle Operations
Vehicle Safety VS01 Autonomous Vehicle Safety Systems
Traffic Management TM23 Border Management Systems
Traveler Information and Personal Mobility TI01 Broadcast Traveler Information
Commercial Vehicle Operations CVO01 Carrier Operations and Fleet Management
Support SU10 Center Maintenance
Commercial Vehicle Operations CVO05 Commercial Vehicle Parking
Sustainable Travel ST09 Connected Eco-Driving
Support SU01 Connected Vehicle System Monitoring and Management
Traffic Management TM04 Connected Vehicle Traffic Signal System
Vehicle Safety VS14 Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control
Support SU02 Core Authorization
Vehicle Safety VS05 Curve Speed Warning
Commercial Vehicle Operations CVO04 CV Administrative Processes
Commercial Vehicle Operations CVO14 CV Driver Security Authentication
Support SU03 Data Distribution
Support SU09 Device Certification and Enrollment
Public Safety PS12 Disaster Response and Recovery
Public Safety PS14 Disaster Traveler Information
Traffic Management TM18 Drawbridge Management
Traffic Management TM22 Dynamic Lane Management and Shoulder Use
Traffic Management TM12 Dynamic Roadway Warning
Public Transportation PT03 Dynamic Transit Operations
Public Safety PS11 Early Warning System
Sustainable Travel ST08 Eco-Approach and Departure at Signalized Intersections
Sustainable Travel ST07 Eco-Lanes Management
Sustainable Travel ST03 Eco-Traffic Metering
Sustainable Travel ST02 Eco-Traffic Signal Timing
Sustainable Travel ST05 Electric Charging Stations Management
Commercial Vehicle Operations CVO03 Electronic Clearance
Commercial Vehicle Operations CVO16 Electronic Driver Logs International Icon
Traffic Management TM10 Electronic Toll Collection
Public Safety PS01 Emergency Call-Taking and Dispatch
Public Safety PS02 Emergency Response
Public Safety PS03 Emergency Vehicle Preemption
Sustainable Travel ST01 Emissions Monitoring
Traveler Information and Personal Mobility TI03 En-Route Guidance
Public Safety PS13 Evacuation and Reentry Management
Support SU11 Field Equipment Maintenance
Commercial Vehicle Operations CVO15 Fleet and Freight Security
Commercial Vehicle Operations CVO02 Freight Administration
Commercial Vehicle Operations CVO11 Freight Drayage Optimization
Commercial Vehicle Operations CVO06 Freight Signal Priority
Commercial Vehicle Operations CVO09 Freight-Specific Dynamic Travel Planning
Commercial Vehicle Operations CVO12 HAZMAT Management
Sustainable Travel ST06 HOV/HOT Lane Management
Public Safety PS06 Incident Scene Pre-Arrival Staging Guidance for Emergency Responders
Public Safety PS07 Incident Scene Safety Monitoring
Vehicle Safety VS15 Infrastructure Enhanced Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control
Maintenance and Construction MC09 Infrastructure Monitoring
Traffic Management TM01 Infrastructure-Based Traffic Surveillance
Traffic Management TM09 Integrated Decision Support and Demand Management
Traveler Information and Personal Mobility TI05 Integrated Multi-Modal Electronic Payment
Commercial Vehicle Operations CVO17 Intelligent Access Program International Icon
Commercial Vehicle Operations CVO18 Intelligent Access Program - Weight Monitoring International Icon
Commercial Vehicle Operations CVO19 Intelligent Speed Compliance International Icon
Public Transportation PT10 Intermittent Bus Lanes
Commercial Vehicle Operations CVO22 International Border Coordination International Icon
Commercial Vehicle Operations CVO21 International Border Electronic Clearance
Commercial Vehicle Operations CVO20 International Border Registration International Icon
Vehicle Safety VS13 Intersection Safety Warning and Collision Avoidance
Traveler Information and Personal Mobility TI07 In-Vehicle Signage
Support SU07 ITS Communications
Data Management DM01 ITS Data Warehouse
Parking Management PM06 Loading Zone Management
Support SU05 Location and Time
Sustainable Travel ST10 Low Emissions Zone Management
Maintenance and Construction MC08 Maintenance and Construction Activity Coordination
Maintenance and Construction MC11 Maintenance and Construction Signal Priority
Maintenance and Construction MC01 Maintenance and Construction Vehicle and Equipment Tracking
Maintenance and Construction MC02 Maintenance and Construction Vehicle Maintenance
Vehicle Safety VS17 Management of Electronic Traffic Regulations (METR)
Support SU04 Map Management
Public Safety PS04 Mayday Notification
Public Transportation PT14 Multi-modal Coordination
Support SU06 Object Registration and Discovery
Maintenance and Construction MC12 One-Way Convoy Driving International Icon
Vehicle Safety VS11 Oversize Vehicle Warning
Parking Management PM03 Parking Electronic Payment
Parking Management PM05 Parking Reservations
Parking Management PM01 Parking Space Management
Data Management DM02 Performance Monitoring
Traveler Information and Personal Mobility TI08 Personal Wayfinding
Traveler Information and Personal Mobility TI02 Personalized Traveler Information
Support SU13 Personnel Device Maintenance
Vehicle Safety VS08 Queue Warning
Traffic Management TM15 Railroad Operations Coordination
Vehicle Safety VS09 Reduced Speed Zone Warning / Lane Closure
Parking Management PM04 Regional Parking Management
Traffic Management TM07 Regional Traffic Management
Support SU14 Remote Access
Vehicle Safety VS10 Restricted Lane Warnings
Traffic Management TM16 Reversible Lane Management
Traffic Management TM11 Road Use Charging
Commercial Vehicle Operations CVO10 Road Weather Information for Freight Carriers
Vehicle Safety VS07 Road Weather Motorist Alert and Warning
Commercial Vehicle Operations CVO07 Roadside CVO Safety
Commercial Vehicle Operations CVO13 Roadside HAZMAT Security Detection and Mitigation
Sustainable Travel ST04 Roadside Lighting
Maintenance and Construction MC03 Roadway Automated Treatment
Traffic Management TM19 Roadway Closure Management
Maintenance and Construction MC05 Roadway Maintenance and Construction
Weather WX04 Roadway Micro-Prediction International Icon
Public Safety PS08 Roadway Service Patrols
Public Transportation PT16 Route ID for the Visually Impaired
Support SU08 Security and Credentials Management
Traveler Information and Personal Mobility TI06 Shared Use Mobility and Dynamic Ridesharing
Traffic Management TM26 Signal Enforcement International Icon
Vehicle Safety VS03 Situational Awareness
Parking Management PM02 Smart Park and Ride System
Commercial Vehicle Operations CVO08 Smart Roadside and Virtual WIM
Traffic Management TM21 Speed Harmonization
Traffic Management TM17 Speed Warning and Enforcement
Weather WX03 Spot Weather Impact Warning
Traffic Management TM13 Standard Railroad Grade Crossing
Public Safety PS15 Stolen Vehicle Recovery
Vehicle Safety VS06 Stop Sign Gap Assist
Traffic Management TM08 Traffic Incident Management System
Traffic Management TM06 Traffic Information Dissemination
Traffic Management TM05 Traffic Metering
Traffic Management TM03 Traffic Signal Control
Public Transportation PT17 Transit Connection Protection
Public Transportation PT04 Transit Fare Collection Management
Public Transportation PT02 Transit Fixed-Route Operations
Public Transportation PT06 Transit Fleet Management
Public Transportation PT07 Transit Passenger Counting
Public Transportation PT11 Transit Pedestrian Indication
Public Transportation PT05 Transit Security
Public Transportation PT09 Transit Signal Priority
Public Transportation PT15 Transit Stop Request
Public Transportation PT08 Transit Traveler Information
Public Transportation PT12 Transit Vehicle at Station/Stop Warnings
Public Transportation PT01 Transit Vehicle Tracking
Public Safety PS09 Transportation Infrastructure Protection
Traveler Information and Personal Mobility TI09 Travel Services Information and Reservation
Traveler Information and Personal Mobility TI04 Trip Planning and Payment
Traffic Management TM24 Tunnel Management International Icon
Vehicle Safety VS02 V2V Basic Safety
Vehicle Safety VS04 V2V Special Vehicle Alert
Traffic Management TM20 Variable Speed Limits
Public Safety PS05 Vehicle Emergency Response
Support SU12 Vehicle Maintenance
Public Transportation PT13 Vehicle Turning Right in Front of a Transit Vehicle
Traffic Management TM02 Vehicle-Based Traffic Surveillance
Vehicle Safety VS18 Vulnerable Road User Clustering
Support SU15 Vulnerable Road User Device Transition Support
Vehicle Safety VS12 Vulnerable Road User Safety
Weather WX01 Weather Data Collection
Weather WX02 Weather Information Processing and Distribution
Public Safety PS10 Wide-Area Alert
Maintenance and Construction MC04 Winter Maintenance
Maintenance and Construction MC06 Work Zone Management
Maintenance and Construction MC07 Work Zone Safety Monitoring
Traffic Management TM25 Wrong Way Vehicle Detection and Warning

Service Packages that originated outside the United States are designated with the International icon (International Icon). Many of the other service packages may also be relevant to international ITS implementations.