SHARE-IT is a repository designed for the exchange of architecture-related products that illustrate new concepts, show a usage pattern that other ARC-IT users may wish to replicate, or leverage some other ITS-related activity. SHARE-IT may include SET-IT projects produced for USDOT initiatives for example. SHARE-IT projects are attributed to their developer and may be removed at any time.






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CCTV Model Document Sample Project   SET-IT Project Zip File This project was built to show how the Model Systems Engineering Documents for Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV) might be used by a SET-IT user. Content sourced from the model document is included in this project and unchanged, except that most instances of requirements or needs that require customization, this sample project includes a sample value. These parameterized items or choices can of course still easily be changed, and are evident within the needs and requirements tables by their encapsulation in {* *}. ARC-IT 9/13/2022

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