The Microsoft Access databases are the basic repository for ARC-IT definition. These databases are the source for the architecture content and website products. For the experienced architecture and database user, these databases provide the most flexible and powerful way to access ARC-IT content. Using the databases, one can generate queries and reports that extract a specific subset of the architecture and manipulate the data to tailor it for a particular application. Of course, care must be taken since it is also easy to generate invalid results without some background in the architecture definition and the underlying relational database design.

Compressed images of ARC-IT databases are at your disposal. Select links below to download and save the zip file onto your hard disk or other writeable media. Execute the file by double clicking on it and then save the databases (".accdb" files) on your hard disk or other writeable media. Once uncompressed and on your hard disk, Microsoft Access (or any other database system capable of importing the ACCDB format) may be used to open the databases.

The ARC-IT databases are:

Database Description Updated
Communications Defines all the communications protocols and related standards that have been identified to date for each of the ARC-IT interfaces. 8/16/2023
Enterprise Defines the enterprise objects, resources, and coordination between the objects along with their connection to the Physical View components. 8/4/2023
Functional Defines all the processes, data flows, and data stores in the ARC-IT Functional View. 1/25/2024
Glossary Defines all the Acronyms and Terms used on this website. 9/21/2023
Physical Defines all physical objects, functional objects, interconnects, and information flows in the Physical View and their connection with the Functional View components. 8/18/2023
Planning Defines the planning goals, objectives, and performance measures and their relationship to the service packages. 1/5/2024
Requirements Defines the user needs for each service package and the functional requirements that support each need. 9/6/2023
Security Defines the confidentiality, integrity, and availability analysis for each information flow triple. Defines device security classes and assigns these to each physical object, per service package. 7/27/2023
Service Packages Defines the service packages and their relationship to the physical objects, functional objects, and information flows in the Physical View. 9/6/2023