Physical Object: Traffic Management Center

TMC Traffic Metering


'TMC Traffic Metering' provides center monitoring and control of traffic metering systems including on ramps, through interchanges, and on the mainline roadway. All types of metering are covered including pre-timed/fixed time, time-based, dynamic and adaptive metering strategies and special bypasses. Metering rates can be calculated based upon historical data or current conditions including traffic, air quality, etc.

This functional object is included in the "Traffic Management Center" physical object.

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# Requirement
01 The center shall remotely control systems to manage use of the freeways, including ramp, interchange, and mainline metering.
02 The center shall collect operational status from ramp meters, interchange meters, and mainline meters and compare against the control information sent by the center.
03 The center shall collect fault data from ramp meters, interchange meters, and mainline meters.
04 The center shall implement control strategies, under control of center personnel, on some or all of the freeway network devices (e.g. ramp meters, interchange meters, and mainline meters), based on data from sensors monitoring traffic conditions upstream, downstream, and queue data on the approaches to the meters.
05 The center shall be able to, under control of center personnel, use collected environmental and vehicle emissions data to regulate the flow of traffic on ramps, interchanges, and the mainline.
06 Traffic operations need to be able to monitor and control field equipment that supports traffic management in tunnels.


The following table lists the standards associated with the functional object itself (as opposed to standards associated with an interface).

Name Title
NEMA TS 8 Cyber and Physical Security Cyber and Physical Security for Intelligent Transportation Systems