Output In-vehicle Signage Data

This process shall format and output data for use by roadside processes in creating in-vehicle signage. The process shall be capable of outputting any information that would typically be output on a dynamic message sign (e.g., current incidents, planned events, wide area alerts, weather advisories, evacuation information, shelters, road closures, highway rail intersection status, and tunnel status), traffic indicator outputs, fixed signage (e.g., Stop signs, yield signs), and local conditions warnings identified by local environmental sensors. The data shall be structured by this process so that it can be output by each roadside process to vehicles for use by in-vehicle signage equipment. To configure Reduced Speed Zone Warning areas this process shall use the static data for the road segments, the environmental data, and operator inputs to generate the reduced speed zone messages that include the new reduced speed limit, the geographical extent of the zone, and the timeframe the reduce speed applies.

This process is associated with the Traffic Management Center physical object.

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