Provide Traffic Operations Personnel Traffic Data Interface

This process shall provide the interface through which traffic operations personnel can obtain access to traffic data, traffic video images, and weather information, and control the activation and configuration of field equipment such as dynamic message signs, highway advisory radio (HAR), in-vehicle signage, sensor equipment, tunnels, barriers, safeguard systems, lighting systems, etc. The personnel can request remote control of field equipment belonging to traffic management centers in other jurisdictions, and receive requests from those other centers to control local field equipment. The personnel can access data stored by other processes in the Provide Traffic Surveillance facility of the Manage Traffic function. The personnel can set up the parameters that govern the data that is available to non-traffic operations people via a separate process to the media. This stored data shall comprise current and long term (historic) data on traffic conditions, weather conditions and roadside equipment activity, plus prediction estimates of traffic conditions. The data shall apply to some or all of the freeways, surface street, and rural roadways served by the specific instance of the Manage Traffic function. Where appropriate and/or requested by the traffic operations personnel, the process shall provide the data output in the form of an overlay onto a map of the relevant part(s) of the freeways, surface street and rural roadways served by the instance of the function. The process shall obtain the map from a local data store, which it shall enable the traffic operations personnel to update as and when required.

This process is associated with the Traffic Management Center physical object.

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