Physical Object: Traffic Management Center

TMC Traffic Network Performance Evaluation


'TMC Traffic Network Performance Evaluation' measures traffic network performance and predicts travel demand patterns to support traffic flow optimization, demand management, and incident management. It collects traffic data from sensors and surveillance equipment as well as input from other Traffic Management Centers, emissions management, transit operations, and event promoters and uses this information to measure traffic network performance. It collects route planning information from transportation information centers and integrates and uses this information to predict future traffic conditions. The planned control strategies can be passed back to the transportation information center so that the intended strategies can be reflected in future route planning.

This functional object is included in the "Traffic Management Center" physical object.

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# Requirement
01 The center shall monitor, analyze, and store traffic sensor data (speed, volume, occupancy) collected from field elements under remote control of the center to support overall network performance evaluations.
02 The center shall collect wide-area pollution data from emissions management centers to support overall network performance evaluations.
03 The center shall collect and store anticipated route information from traveler information centers to support overall network performance evaluations and predictions.
04 The center shall exchange information with transit management centers including details current transit routes, the level of service on each route, and the progress of individual vehicles along their routes for use in forecasting demand and estimating current transportation network performance.
05 The center shall exchange traffic information with other traffic management centers, including incidents, congestion data, traffic data, signal timing plans, and real-time signal control information to support overall network performance evaluations.
06 The center shall provide an interface to the archive data repository to enable the operator to retrieve historical operating data for use in planning to predict future traffic patterns and conditions.
07 This center shall use the collected information to measure overall current and forecast network performance and predict travel demand patterns.


Currently, there are no standards associated with the functional object itself though the interfaces may have standards associated with them.