Basic Commercial Vehicle --> Commercial Vehicle OBE:
host commercial vehicle status


host commercial vehicle status (Information Flow): Information provided to the ITS on-board equipment from other systems on the Commercial Vehicle Platform.

Basic Commercial Vehicle (Source Physical Object): The 'Basic Commercial Vehicle' represents the commercial vehicle that hosts the on-board equipment that provides ITS capabilities. It includes the heavy vehicle databus and all other interface points between on-board systems and the rest of the commercial vehicle. This vehicle is used to transport goods, is operated by a professional driver and typically administered as part of a larger fleet. Commercial Vehicle classification applies to all goods transport vehicles ranging from small panel vans used in local pick-up and delivery services to large, multi-axle tractor-trailer rigs operating on long haul routes.

Commercial Vehicle OBE (Destination Physical Object): The Commercial Vehicle On-Board Equipment (OBE) resides in a commercial vehicle and provides the sensory, processing, storage, and communications functions necessary to support safe and efficient commercial vehicle operations. It provides two-way communications between the commercial vehicle drivers, their fleet managers, attached freight equipment, and roadside officials. A separate 'Vehicle OBE' physical object supports vehicle safety and driver information capabilities that apply to all vehicles, including commercial vehicles. The Commercial Vehicle OBE supplements these general ITS capabilities with capabilities that are specific to commercial vehicles.

Communication Solutions

No communications solutions identified.


Characteristic Value
Time Context Now
Spatial Context Adjacent
Acknowledgement False
Cardinality Unicast
Initiator Source
Authenticable True
Encrypt True

Interoperability Description
Local In cases where an interface is normally encapsulated by a single stakeholder, interoperability is still desirable, but the motive is vendor independence and the efficiencies and choices that an open standards-based interface provides.


Information Flow Security
  Confidentiality Integrity Availability
Rating Moderate Moderate Moderate
Basis This can include some sensitive data. However, other data, such as vehicle location and motion will then be broadcast. There also may be proprietary information included in this. This is used later on to determine whether a vehicle should request priority at an intersection. If this information is incorrect the vehicle may make false requests. All other flows that use the data from this flow have a MODERATE integrity requirement, therefore, this must also have a MODERATE integrity requirement. This information would need to be available immediately for the application to work.

Security Characteristics Value
Authenticable True
Encrypt True