Kind: Terminator

Class: Center

Type: Human

Transit Operations Personnel


'Transit Operations Personnel' represents the people that are responsible for fleet management, maintenance operations, and scheduling activities of the transit system. These different roles represent a variety of individuals in the transit industry. Within the transit industry the person responsible for fleet management is known by many names: Street Supervisor, Starter, Dispatcher, Supervisor, Traffic Controller, Transportation Coordinator. This person actively monitors, controls, and modifies the transit fleet routes and schedules on a day to day basis (dynamic scheduling). The modifications will take account of abnormal situations such as vehicle breakdown, vehicle delay, detours around work zones or incidents (detour management, connection protection, and service restoration), and other causes of route or schedule deviations. Transit operations personnel are also responsible for demand responsive transit operation and for managing emergency situations within the transit network such as silent alarms on board transit vehicles, or the remote disabling of the vehicle. In addition the Transit Operations Personnel may be responsible for assigning vehicle operators to routes, checking vehicle operators in and out, and managing transit stop issues. This object also represents the personnel in the transit garage that are responsible for maintenance of the transit fleets, including monitoring vehicle status, matching vehicles with operators, and maintenance checking of transit vehicles. Finally, it represents the people responsible for planning, development, and management of transit routes and schedules.

This physical object does not have any functionality defined in ARC-IT, as it exists outside the system functional boundary.

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Interfaces diagram


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