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Fleet-Freight Manager --> Fleet and Freight Management Center:
fleet manager inquiry


fleet manager inquiry (Information Flow): This flow represents the tactile or auditory interface with ITS equipment containing an inquiry from fleet manager requesting data from commercial vehicle management system.

Fleet-Freight Manager (Source Physical Object): The 'Fleet-Freight Manager' represents the people that are responsible for the dispatching and management of Commercial Vehicle fleets (e.g. traditional Fleet Managers) and Freight Equipment assets. It may be many people in a large tracking organization or a single person (owner driver) in the case of single vehicle fleets. The Fleet-Freight Manager provides instructions and coordination for Commercial Vehicles and Freight Equipment and receives the status of the vehicles and freight equipment in the fleet that they manage.

Fleet and Freight Management Center (Destination Physical Object): The 'Fleet and Freight Management Center' provides the capability for commercial drivers and fleet-freight managers to receive real-time routing information and access databases containing vehicle and/or freight equipment locations as well as carrier, vehicle, freight equipment and driver information. The 'Fleet and Freight Management Center' also provides the capability for fleet managers to monitor the safety and security of their commercial vehicle drivers and fleet.

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Information Flow Security
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Basis Commercial Vehicle Operations human interfaces should not be casually viewable for competitive and physical security reasons. Data needs to be correct and available as it relates to CVO. Data needs to be correct and available as it relates to CVO.

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