Kind: Terminator

Class: Personal

Type: Environment

Vulnerable Road Users


'Vulnerable Road Users' represents any roadway user not in a motorized vehicle capable of operating at the posted speed for the roadway in question, and also any roadway user in a vehicle not designed to encase (and thus protect) its occupants. This includes pedestrians, cyclists, wheelchair users, two-wheeled scooter micromobility users, as well as powered scooters and motorcycles. Note that this terminator represents the physical properties of vulnerable road users and their conveyance that may be sensed to support safe vehicle automation and traffic management in mixed mode applications where a variety of road users share the right-of-way. See also 'Pedestrian' and 'Cyclist' Physical Objects that represent the human interface to these vulnerable road users.

This physical object does not have any functionality defined in ARC-IT, as it exists outside the system functional boundary.

This physical object is included in the following Service Packages:


This physical object has the following security levels for the associated service packages.

Physical Object Security
Security Class Confidentiality Integrity Availability Service Package
Security levels have not been defined yet.

Interfaces Diagram

Interfaces diagram


Currently, there are no standards associated with the physical object itself though the interfaces may have standards associated with them. For standards related to interfaces, see the specific information flow triple pages.