Physical Object: Transit Management Center

Transit Center Vehicle Tracking


'Transit Center Vehicle Tracking' monitors transit vehicle location. The location information is collected via a data communication link between the transit vehicles and the transit center. The location information is presented to the transit operator on a digitized map of the transit service area. The location data may be used to determine real time schedule adherence and update the transit system's schedule in real-time. The real-time schedule information is disseminated to other information providers, which furnish the information to travelers.

This functional object is included in the "Transit Management Center" physical object.

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# Requirement
01 The center shall monitor the locations of all transit vehicles within its network.
02 The center shall determine adherence of transit vehicles to their assigned schedule.
03 The center shall provide transit operational data to traveler information service providers.
04 The center shall provide collected transit probe data to traffic management centers and traveler information service providers for use in measuring current traffic conditions.


Currently, there are no standards associated with the functional object itself though the interfaces may have standards associated with them.