Manage Transit Vehicle Operations

This process shall provide a dispatch control function for the transit facility. The process shall initialize vehicles and vehicle operators in preparation for the start of the operating day. It shall control exit and return of transit vehicles to the transit facility. This process shall receive vehicle location information from another process within the Operate Transit Vehicles and Facilities functional domain to determine advance notice of returning vehicles. It shall receive schedule assignment information from another process to determine vehicle and vehicle operator pairings and departure times. It shall receive information from another process to authenticate vehicle operators and grant them access to their assigned vehicles. The output of this process shall be sent to the operations functions to update vehicle operational status and to initiate vehicle tracking during the operating day. This process shall manage transit vehicle operations data. The data is collected from processes in transit vehicles and from other processes within the Manage Transit function. The process shall manage a store of transit vehicle operating data. When any new data is received from another process, this process shall load it into the data store. This process shall provide information on transit system operations to the transit system operator and receive inputs from the transit system operator to manage transit vehicle operations. The transit vehicle operations data shall be sent on to another process within the Manage Transit function to manage transit vehicle schedule deviations. This process also analyzes the transit vehicle ETA to determine if the vehicle is off-route, and sends this indication to another process in the Manage Transit function. This process will receive road weather information, asset restriction data, and work zone information from the Manage Maintenance and Construction function, traffic information from the Manage Traffic function, transportation system operations information from the Provide Driver and Traveler Services function, and weather information from the Weather Service and Surface Transportation Weather Services terminators. The process shall provide all this information to the Transit System Operator and to a process in Manage Transit that will provide it to the Transit Vehicle Operator.

This process is associated with the Transit Management Center physical object.

This process is associated with the following functional objects:

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