Performance Measure

Total crashes involving bicycles.

Associated Objectives

Reduce the total number of crashes involving bicyclists and pedestrians in the region by X percent by year Y.

Service Packages that Support the Performance Measure

VS05-Curve Speed Warning
VS12-Vulnerable Road User Safety
TM14-Advanced Railroad Grade Crossing
VS13-Intersection Safety Warning and Collision Avoidance
PT13-Vehicle Turning Right in Front of a Transit Vehicle
ST04-Roadside Lighting
SU06-Object Registration and Discovery
SU05-Location and Time
SU04-Map Management
TM13-Standard Railroad Grade Crossing
TM17-Speed Warning and Enforcement
VS16-Automated Vehicle Operations
VS01-Autonomous Vehicle Safety Systems
VS17-Management of Electronic Traffic Regulations (METR)
TM26-Signal Enforcement
SU15-Vulnerable Road User Device Transition Support
VS18-Vulnerable Road User Clustering
TI08-Personal Wayfinding

Associated Goals

Achieve a significant reduction in traffic fatalities and serious injuries on all public roads

Planning Factors

B. Increase the safety of the transportation system for motorized and nonmotorized users;


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