2.4.3: Analyze Commercial Vehicle On-board Data

This process shall be responsible for analyzing the data collected on-board a commercial vehicle, and sending it to another process for loading into a store on-board the vehicle. If the analysis of the data carried out by the process shows that there is a critical safety, security or hazmat problem, the process shall send data to the driver's interface process for output to the driver. This process shall analyze the driver identification and biometric data to determine when a change in driver has occurred and verify that the driver credentials have been updated. In addition, for a hazmat or other cargo related emergencies, data is also sent to other processes in order to alert the appropriate authorities. The process shall also accept input of data from the commercial vehicle driver via the interface process and load it into the same store. The process shall safely disable the vehicle and notify fleet management. Also, if the process receives cv_disable data flow from the fleet and freight management function, then the process shall similarly safely disable the vehicle. This process shall broadcast alerts to nearby vehicles to inform other drivers on the road of the size, weight, dimensions, and other special configuration data about the host commercial vehicle.

This process is associated with the Commercial Vehicle OBE physical object.

This process is associated with the following functional objects:

This process is associated with the following data flows: