5.3.5: Provide Emergency Personnel Interface

This process shall provide an interface for emergency personnel operating emergency vehicles, through which data can be exchanged with other processes in the Manage Emergency Services function. It shall support the exchange of incident data to which responses are being made by emergency personnel. This process shall include the ability to exchange information between the personnel and the care facility - either dispatch orders, status of the facility, or status of the patient. The process shall support inputs from emergency personnel in both audible and manual forms, with outputs being available in both audio or visual forms. The visual form may include display and hardcopy formats. Both inputs and outputs shall be provided in such a way that while alerting the driver to the information they contain, they shall in no way impair the driver's ability to operate the vehicle in a safe manner. This process shall support the transmission of data concerning the incident scene, e.g. nature of the incident, traffic control measures (detours) in place, out to surrounding nearby equipped passenger or commercial vehicles. This process shall also exchange incident scene coordination data with nearby equipped emergency vehicle onboard equipment. This process shall respond to dispatch requests for the recovery of an emergency vehicle. This process shall display the stolen vehicle information to the personnel in order to be on the look out for a vehicle of that description and ID. This process shall also receive and display signals broadcast from vehicles when a stolen vehicle recovery process is initiated. The received data will identify the type and location of the stolen vehicle in order to facilitate its discovery and recovery.

This process is associated with the Emergency Vehicle OBE physical object.

This process is associated with the following functional objects:

This process is associated with the following data flows: