Kind: Terminator

Class: Personal

Type: Human



The 'Traveler' represents any individual who uses transportation services. The interfaces to the traveler provide general pre-trip and en-route information supporting trip planning, personal guidance, and requests for assistance in an emergency that are relevant to all transportation system users. It also represents users of a public transportation system and addresses interfaces these users have within a transit vehicle or at transit facilities such as roadside stops and transit centers.

This physical object does not have any functionality defined in ARC-IT, as it exists outside the system functional boundary.

As shown in the following diagram, 'Traveler' is the most general human PObject in ARC-IT that covers all the ways a traveler may move through the transportation system. Traveler is commonly used in ARC-IT when a service may broadly apply to pedestrians, passengers, or vehicle drivers. All of these 'travelers' can access general traveler information through a Personal Information Device.

This physical object is included in the following Service Packages:


This physical object has the following security levels for the associated service packages.

Physical Object Security
Security Class Confidentiality Integrity Availability Service Package
Security levels have not been defined yet.

Interfaces Diagram

Interfaces diagram


Currently, there are no standards associated with the physical object itself though the interfaces may have standards associated with them. For standards related to interfaces, see the specific information flow triple pages.