Performance Measure

Number of critical sites with security surveillance

Associated Objectives

Reduce security risks to motorists and travelers
Reduce security risks to transportation infrastructure

Service Packages that Support the Performance Measure

SU02-Core Authorization
SU03-Data Distribution
SU08-Security and Credentials Management
PS05-Vehicle Emergency Response
SU07-ITS Communications
PT05-Transit Security
CVO13-Roadside HAZMAT Security Detection and Mitigation
CVO14-CV Driver Security Authentication
CVO15-Fleet and Freight Security
PS09-Transportation Infrastructure Protection
PS10-Wide-Area Alert
PS11-Early Warning System
SU09-Device Certification and Enrollment
PS15-Stolen Vehicle Recovery
TM24-Tunnel Management
TM25-Wrong Way Vehicle Detection and Warning
SU14-Remote Access

Associated Goals

Improve the security of the transportation system

Planning Factors

C. Increase the security of the transportation system for motorized and nonmotorized users;


Minnesota Statewide ITS Architecture Vol 1