Maint and Constr Vehicle Operator --> Maint and Constr Vehicle OBE:
maint and constr vehicle operator input


maint and constr vehicle operator input (Information Flow): User input from field personnel including current maintenance and construction status information as well as on-board device control.

Maint and Constr Vehicle Operator (Source Physical Object): The operator of maintenance, construction, or other specialized service vehicles or equipment. Represents the maintenance and construction vehicle operators. The operator provides input specific to maintenance and construction vehicle operations, including the status of maintenance actions. Information provided to the operator includes dispatch requests and maintenance and construction actions to be performed.

Maint and Constr Vehicle OBE (Destination Physical Object): The 'Maint and Constr Vehicle OBE' resides in a maintenance, construction, or other specialized service vehicle or equipment and provides the processing, storage, and communications functions necessary to support highway maintenance and construction. All types of maintenance and construction vehicles are covered, including heavy equipment, supervisory vehicles, unmanned remote controlled field maintenance robots, and sensory platforms that may be wheeled or low altitude aerial vehicles (e.g. drones, balloons). The MCV OBE provides two-way communications between drivers/operators and dispatchers and maintains and communicates current location and status information. A wide range of operational status is monitored, measured, and made available, depending on the specific type of vehicle or equipment. A snow plow for example, would monitor whether the plow is up or down and material usage information. The Maint and Constr Vehicle OBE may also contain capabilities to monitor vehicle systems to support maintenance of the vehicle itself. A separate 'Vehicle OBE' physical object supports the general vehicle safety and driver information capabilities that apply to all vehicles, including maintenance and construction vehicles. The Maint and Constr Vehicle OBE supplements these general capabilities with capabilities that are specific to maintenance and construction vehicles.

Communication Solutions

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Interoperability Description
Not Applicable Interoperability ratings don't apply per se to some types of interfaces like human interfaces. These interfaces may still benefit from associated standards (e.g., ergonomic and human factors standards for human interfaces), but the primary motive for these standards is not interoperability.


Information Flow Security
  Confidentiality Integrity Availability
Rating Not Applicable Moderate High
Basis Observation of control or status information is unlikely to have any value to a third party; actions of field personnel should be observable anyway. Any driver/operator interaction with vehicle systems needs some assurance of correctness; corruption of this information could lead to unexpected vehicle behavior which poses a limited safety risk. Without direct local control of vehicle systems the vehicle is essentially uncontrolled.

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