Provide Personal Safety Messages

This process shall provide an interface in a personal device through which users such as pedestrians or other travelers can obtain traveler information alert messages. This process shall support sharing of information between personal devices and micromobility vehicles to support clustering movement of travelers in micromobility vehicles. The process shall support sharing of information, including traveler location, between personal devices in order for the implementation of similar clustering movement between devices that are carried by travelers. The process shall provide its outputs in audible and visual forms that are consistent with a personal device. This process shall include forms suitable for travelers with hearing and vision physical disabilities. The process shall display data for as long as required by the user and must enable viewing of previously output data. When used with a portable device, the process shall provide the user the option to filter the data (to be displayed) relevant to the travelers current location, e.g. work zone area, pedestrian zone, bike path, etc.

This process is associated with the Personal Information Device physical object.

This process is associated with the following functional objects:

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