Manage Transit Vehicle Deviations

This process shall manage large deviations of individual transit vehicles, deviations in rural areas, and deviations of large numbers of vehicles. The process shall generate the necessary corrective actions which may involve more than the vehicles concerned and more far reaching action, such as, the introduction of extra vehicles, wide area signal priority by the Manage Traffic function, the premature termination of some services, etc. In addition, this process will receive roadway maintenance status and work plan information from the Manage Maintenance and Construction function, and shall respond to that function with feedback regarding the work plan. Event plans from Event Promoters shall be received and confirmed. All corrective actions generated by this process shall be subject to the approval of the transit operations personnel before being implemented. The process shall generate transit signal priority business rules that are provided to the transit vehicle. Confirmation that the requested overall priority has been given by the Manage Traffic function shall be received by the process. This process shall provide the interface through which multimodal transportation service providers are informed of transit vehicle schedule deviations. The process shall provide the output in a form that enables adjustments to be made to any connecting services being provided by the multimodal supplier so that travelers are not inconvenienced by the deviations. In response to requests for deviation pertaining to a transit connection protection this process shall issue wait requests to transit vehicles that may receive a connecting traveler if that traveler is on a late arriving vehicle and the transfer falls within a predetermined threshold for waiting.

This process is associated with the Transit Management Center physical object.

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