Increase customer satisfaction rating of the timeliness, accuracy, and usefulness of traveler information in the region by W, X, and Z percent, respectively, over Y years.

Associated Performance Measures

Customer satisfaction ratings of timeliness, accuracy, and usefulness of traveler information.

Service Packages that Support the Objective

CVO09-Freight-Specific Dynamic Travel Planning
PS14-Disaster Traveler Information
PT08-Transit Traveler Information
TI01-Broadcast Traveler Information
TI02-Personalized Traveler Information
TI04-Trip Planning and Payment
TI09-Travel Services Information and Reservation

Associated Goals

Achieve a significant reduction in congestion
Improve the efficiency of the surface transportation system
Develop a transportation system that supports travel and tourism

Planning Factors

D. Increase the accessibility and mobility of people and for freight;
G. Promote efficient system management and operation;
J. Enhance travel and tourism.


Planning for Operations Desk Reference

Since the mapping between objectives and service packages is not always straight-forward and often situation-dependent, these mappings should only be used as a starting point. Users should do their own analysis to identify the best service packages for their region.