Objective Category
System Reliability: Transit On-Time Performance

These objectives focus on travel time reliability for transit users as measured by on-time performance. There is often a tolerance interval of time such that it arrives at a stop within x minutes of arrival schedule and does not depart from that stop more than x minutes after scheduled departure time.

Associated Objectives and Performance Measures

Objective Performance Measure
Improve average on-time performance for specified transit routes/facilities by X percent within Y years. On-time performance of transit.

Associated Planning Factors and Goals

Planning Factor Goal
G. Promote efficient system management and operation; Improve the efficiency of the surface transportation system
I. Improve the resiliency and reliability of the transportation system and reduce or mitigate stormwater impacts of surface transportation; Improve the resiliency and reliability of the surface transportation system

Associated Service Packages

Service Package
PT01: Transit Vehicle Tracking
PT02: Transit Fixed-Route Operations
PT03: Dynamic Transit Operations
PT09: Transit Signal Priority


Planning for Operations Desk Reference

Since the mapping between objectives and service packages is not always straight-forward and often situation-dependent, these mappings should only be used as a starting point. Users should do their own analysis to identify the best service packages for their region.