Other EV OBEs --> Emergency Vehicle OBE:
decision support information

This triple is bi-directional. See also Emergency Vehicle OBE --> Other EV OBEs: decision support information


decision support information (Information Flow): Information provided to support effective and safe incident response, including local traffic, road, and weather conditions, hazardous material information, and the current status of resources (including vehicles, other equipment, supplies) that have been allocated to an incident.

Other EV OBEs (Source Physical Object): This represents on-board equipment on other emergency (e.g., law enforcement, fire, EMS, towing and recovery) vehicles. It provides a source and destination for ITS information transfers between emergency vehicles. These information transfers allow information to be shared between emergency vehicles arriving, or involved at, an incident. Vehicle to vehicle communications at incident locations facilitates incident coordination and personal safety.

Emergency Vehicle OBE (Destination Physical Object): The 'Emergency Vehicle On-Board Equipment' (OBE) resides in an emergency vehicle and provides the processing, storage, and communications functions that support public safety-related connected vehicle applications. It represents a range of vehicles including those operated by police, fire, and emergency medical services. In addition, it represents other incident response vehicles including towing and recovery vehicles and freeway service patrols. It includes two-way communications to support coordinated response to emergencies. A separate 'Vehicle OBE' physical object supports the general vehicle safety and driver information capabilities that apply to all vehicles, including emergency vehicles. The Emergency Vehicle OBE supplements these general capabilities with capabilities that are specific to emergency vehicles.

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Characteristic Value
Time Context Recent
Spatial Context Regional
Acknowledgement True
Cardinality Unicast
Initiator Source
Authenticable True
Encrypt True

Interoperability Description
National This triple should be implemented consistently within the geopolitical region through which movement is essentially free (e.g., the United States, the European Union).


Information Flow Security
  Confidentiality Integrity Availability
Rating Moderate Moderate Moderate
Basis This information could be of interest to a malicious individual who is attempting to determine the best way to accomplish a crime. As such it would be best to not make it easily accessible. If this is compromised, it could send inaccurate information to a vehicle which could lead to inappropriate actions in the incident area. A delay in reporting this may cause a delay or lead to an Emergency Vehicle not responding in a fashion best suited to properly managing the incident.

Security Characteristics Value
Authenticable True
Encrypt True