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transit vehicle operator availability


transit vehicle operator availability (Information Flow): Transit vehicle operator availability data that can be used to develop vehicle operator assignments and detailed operations schedules.

Transit Vehicle Operator (Source Physical Object): The 'Transit Vehicle Operator' represents the person that receives and provides additional information that is specific to operating the ITS functions in all types of transit vehicles. The information received by the operator would include status of on-board systems. Additional information received depends upon the type of transit vehicle. In the case of fixed route transit vehicles, the Transit Vehicle Operator would receive operator instructions that might include actions to take to correct schedule deviations. In the case of flexible fixed routes and demand response routes the information would also include dynamic routing or passenger pickup information.

Transit Management Center (Destination Physical Object): The 'Transit Management Center' manages transit vehicle fleets and coordinates with other modes and transportation services. It provides operations, maintenance, customer information, planning and management functions for the transit property. It spans distinct central dispatch and garage management systems and supports the spectrum of fixed route, flexible route, paratransit services, transit rail, and bus rapid transit (BRT) service. The physical object's interfaces support communication between transit departments and with other operating entities such as emergency response services and traffic management systems.

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Information Flow Security
  Confidentiality Integrity Availability
Rating Moderate Moderate Moderate
Basis PII by definition, including when an operator may be working and when he may not. Will be used to make operator assignments; if this data is corrupted or not available those assignments may be made in error. Will be used to make operator assignments; if this data is corrupted or not available those assignments may be made in error or not include those operators for whom the flow was interrupted.

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