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personnel updates


personnel updates (Information Flow): Alerts and warnings provided to emergency personnel or work crew members. This includes visual, audio, and haptic outputs that may be customized to support individual needs.

Personnel Device (Source Physical Object): 'Personnel Device' represents devices used by emergency personnel or maintenance and construction personnel in the field. In the case of emergency personnel, the devices would include body cameras or smartphones (and their peripherals) that can be used by emergency personnel to provide images or video as well as send or receive data regarding the incident. The devices could also be used for incident scene safety messages to the personnel. In the case of maintenance and construction field personnel, the devices could be cellular phones or specialized safety devices that would be used for work zone safety messages to the personnel.

Emergency Personnel (Destination Physical Object): 'Emergency Personnel' represents personnel that are responsible for police, fire, emergency medical services, towing, service patrols, and other special response team (e.g., hazardous material clean-up) activities at an incident site. These personnel are associated with the Emergency Vehicle during dispatch to the incident site, but often work independently of the Emergency Vehicle while providing their incident response services.

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Interoperability Description
Not Applicable Interoperability ratings don't apply per se to some types of interfaces like human interfaces. These interfaces may still benefit from associated standards (e.g., ergonomic and human factors standards for human interfaces), but the primary motive for these standards is not interoperability.


Information Flow Security
  Confidentiality Integrity Availability
Rating Low High Moderate
Basis This data is informing the user of safety-related issues in the local transportation environment. It probably does not contain anything sensitive, and should not matter if another person can observe it. This is the information that is presented to the individual in a work zone or incident response area that may be unpredictable in its formation. If the user receives incorrect information, they may act in an unsafe manner. If this information is not made available to the pedestrian, then the user may be endangered. This is the not only mechanism the user may have to avoid potential dangers (they can observe directly).