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data query


data query (Information Flow): Data query includes those dialogs necessary to determine what data is available for and also submit a query for near-term response.

ITS Object (Source Physical Object): The general 'ITS Object' includes core capabilities common to any class of object.

Data Distribution System (Destination Physical Object): The 'Data Distribution System' collects, processes, and distributes ITS data, connecting data producers with data consumers and facilitating data exchange.

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Communication Solutions

No communications solutions identified.


Characteristic Value
Time Context Recent
Spatial Context Regional
Acknowledgement True
Cardinality Unicast
Initiator Source
Authenticable True
Encrypt True

Interoperability Description
Regional Interoperability throughout the geopolitical region is highly desirable, but if implemented differently in different transportation management jurisdictions, significant benefits will still accrue in each jurisdiction. Regardless, this Information Flow Triple should be implemented consistently within a transportation jurisdiction (i.e., the scope of a regional architecture).


Information Flow Security
  Confidentiality Integrity Availability
Rating High Moderate Moderate
Basis Query flows imply the interests of the source. Observation of this information betrays the privacy of the requestor. Depending on the type of requestor and type of information requested, this could be MODERATE. Query flows create long term relationships between source and DDS, and dictate what information the source receives. Corruption of this flow could have a significant impact on data reception; however, re-query should be a fairly simply process, justifying MODERATE and not HIGH. Query flows need some level of abailability; if the flow is not satisifed the user may be become frustrated and seek a solution other than DDS. Thus MODERATE.

Security Characteristics Value
Authenticable True
Encrypt True