Provide Driver with Personal Travel Information

This process shall provide in-vehicle advisory, broadcast, traveler information alert, and trip planning data for output to drivers and travelers aboard vehicles. Data broadcast to the driver (from both centers and short range communications field equipment) shall include traffic related data (incidents and link data), transit, weather, event, parking, multimodal, border crossings, and price data. Data broadcast to the driver shall also support emergency information including evacuation and wide area alert information, as well as data from the vehicle itself. This vehicle data includes vehicle conditions, environmental probe data, safety and position warnings, and enhanced vision images. Position warnings include Intersection Movement Assist (IMA), Forward Collision Warnings (FCW), Blind Spot and Lane Change Warnings (BSW + LCW). Data broadcast can also include in-vehicle signage messages, which include roadside traffic indicator outputs, fixed signage (e.g., Stop signs, yield signs), roadside dynamic message sign (DMS) information, local conditions warnings identified by local environmental sensors, speed warnings including reduced speed zones, lane closures, road configuration changes, road closures/detours, and work zone intrusion warning messages. Advisories and warnings shall be customized based on the vehicle's current location. Incoming advisory data that does not pertain to the location or the vehicle's future location (based on the heading and map data) shall be filtered out of the displayed advisory. Safety and warning messages shall be prioritized by the process to supersede advisory and broadcast messages. The process shall also provide travelers in vehicles with the status and confirmation of their request for trip plans and reservations for other services such as traveler services, non-motorized transportation information, and event information.
The process shall tailor the output based on the vehicle display type that is input by the driver interface process. The process shall support the use of a digital map to form the display of information to the driver.

This process is associated with the Vehicle physical object.

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