Provide Traveler Personal Interface

This process shall provide an interface in a personal device through which travelers can plan and confirm trips, as well as obtain current traffic and transit information via request or traveler information alert subscriptions. The process shall support trip planning and confirmation of other (traveler or non-motorized) services such as lodging, restaurants, theaters, bicycle facilities and other tourist activities. The process shall be able to load in the traveler_personal_regular_data store frequently used information such as traveler identity (the owner of the personal device), home and work locations, etc. This will reduce the amount of input needed by the traveler for each trip request. The process shall also carry out input data verification and require input confirmation, with the traveler, before passing the data to other processes. The traveler's payment information and location (when traveler is using a portable device) shall be obtained by this process from other processes. The process shall support inputs from the traveler in both digital and audio form, and shall provide its outputs in audible and visual forms that are consistent with a personal device. This process shall include forms suitable for travelers with hearing and vision physical disabilities. The process shall display data for as long as required by the traveler and must enable viewing of previously output data. When used with a portable device, the process shall provide the traveler the option to filter the data (to be displayed) relevant to the travelers current location.

This process is associated with the Personal Information Device physical object.

This process is associated with the following functional objects:

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