2.3.1: Produce Commercial Vehicle Driver Message at Roadside

This process shall be responsible for the output of pull-in or pass messages to commercial vehicle drivers as they approach the commercial vehicle roadside checkstation or border crossing facilities. The process shall support the use of roadside equipment such as dynamic message signs (DMS), or simple red-green lights, flashing orange lights, etc. to provide the output. These output messages shall be received by the process from other processes responsible for roadside facilities within the Manage Commercial Vehicles function. The process shall support pull-in messages that are the result of checks on a commercial vehicle's electronic credentials, safety and border crossing data, the result of the vehicle's tag not being properly read, or the result of a general pull-in decision for all vehicles being issued by inspectors at the roadside facility. The process shall also generate a message to be sent to the vehicle so that an indication can be output directly to the driver at the same time as it appears on the roadside equipment.

This process is associated with the Commercial Vehicle Check Equipment physical object.

This process is associated with the following functional objects:

This process is associated with the following data flows: