Output Control Data for Roads

This process shall transfer data to processes responsible for controlling equipment located at the roadside within the road (surface street) network served by the Manage Traffic function to support traffic control. This process shall also control the reversible lane facilities equipment required to change the direction of traffic flow along surface streets. Data for use by in-vehicle signage equipment shall be sent to another process for output to roadside processes. All data shall be sent to this process by processes within the Manage Traffic function. This process shall also be responsible for the monitoring of input data showing the way in which the indicators are responding to the data that they are being sent, and the reporting of any errors in their responses as faults. The reported data shall include the operational status (state of the device and configuration) from the indicator device. All output and input data shall be sent by the process to another process in the Manage Traffic function to be loaded into the store of long term data.

This process is associated with the Traffic Management Center physical object.

This process is associated with the following functional objects:

This process is associated with the following data flows: