2.1.2: Provide Commercial Vehicle Fleet Manager Interface

This process shall be responsible for providing an interface for the commercial vehicle fleet manager. The process shall enable this interface to provide the manager with facilities for the input of data used to set up commercial vehicle routes, to pay the necessary taxes and duties so that a commercial vehicle can be enrolled for a particular route, to exchange general information messages with a driver in a vehicle, and to set up instructions for a driver to take a vehicle on a particular route. It shall be possible for the driver's route instructions input by the manager to include details of the cargo to be picked up and/or dropped off at each point along the route. The enrollment activity supported by the process shall enable a commercial vehicle to pass through the roadside check stations along its route without stopping, unless safety checks are required. The process shall execute the manager's response to a commercial vehicle security incident to the Manage Commercial Vehicle Incidents process. The process shall support inputs from the commercial vehicle fleet manager in both manual and audio form, and shall provide its outputs in audible and visual forms. It shall enable the visual output to be in hardcopy, or as a display.

This process is associated with the Fleet and Freight Management Center physical object.

This process is associated with the following functional objects:

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