Kind: Terminator

Class: Center

Type: System

Travel Services Provider System


The 'Travel Services Provider System' represents the individual information systems operated by providers of traveler-oriented services. Example services that could be included are gas, food, lodging, electric vehicle charging, vehicle repair, points of interest, and recreation areas. Also included are services specifically directed toward bicyclists and pedestrians such as bicycle shops and parking locations and bicycle and pedestrian rest areas. The interface with the Service Provider is necessary so that accurate, up-to-date service information can be provided to the traveler and to support electronic reservation capabilities.

This physical object does not have any functionality defined in ARC-IT, as it exists outside the system functional boundary.

This physical object is included in the following Service Packages:


This physical object has the following security levels for the associated service packages.

Physical Object Security
Security Class Confidentiality Integrity Availability Service Package
Class 2 Moderate Moderate Moderate Travel Services Information and Reservation
Class 1 Low Moderate Moderate Disaster Traveler Information

Interfaces Diagram

Interfaces diagram


Currently, there are no standards associated with the physical object itself though the interfaces may have standards associated with them. For standards related to interfaces, see the specific information flow triple pages.