This area addresses activities that monitor and notify users and transportation network managers of weather and environmental conditions that have an impact on the road transportation network and its users.

Wide Area Wireless (mobile) Communications

A communications link that provides communications via a wireless device between a user and an infrastructure-based system. Both broadcast (one-way) and interactive (two-way) communications services are grouped into wide-area wireless communications in ARC-IT. These links support a range of services in ARC-IT including real-time traveler information and various forms of fleet communications. One of the types of architecture interconnects defined in ARC-IT.


Windows Metafile. A graphics file format, originated by Microsoft Corporation. Images in WMF format can be resized without distortion and loss of detail.

Work Zone

An area of a highway with construction, maintenance, or utility work activities. Typically marked by signs, channelizing devices, barriers, pavement markings, and/or work vehicles. A work zone extends from the first warning sign or high-intensity rotating, flashing, oscillating, or strobe lights on a vehicle to the END ROAD WORK sign or the last Temporary Traffic Control device (MUTCD 2009, Section 6C.02).