F2F: Field to Field
FAR: Federal Acquisition Regulation
FARS: Fatality Analysis Reporting System
FAST: Free and Secure Trade
FAST Act: Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act
FCC: Federal Communications Commission for the U.S.
FCS: Freight Consolidation Station
FCW: Forward Collision Warning
FDA: Food and Drug Administration
FDO: Freight Drayage Optimization
FFMC: Fleet and Freight Management Center
FHWA: Federal Highway Administration
FLR: Forward Looking Radar
FMCSA: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
FMS: Fleet and Freight Management Subsystem (legacy National ITS Architecture)
FOT: Field Operational Test
FOV: Field of View
FP2FP: Fixed Point - Fixed Point
FRATIS: Freight Advanced Traveler Information System
FSP: Freight Signal Priority
FTA: Federal Transit Administration
FTP: File Transfer Protocol
FTPS: File Transfer Protocol (Secured)