Physical Object: Transportation Information Center

TIC Wayfinding Information Dissemination


'TIC Wayfinding Information Dissemination' disseminates traveler information for wayfinding and navigation on pathways (e.g., sidewalks, bike lanes, moving sidewalks), open areas (e.g., pedestrian plazas, parking lots), indoor facilities, and crosswalks. The information may be general in nature or tailored information based on the traveler's request.

This functional object is included in the "Transportation Information Center" physical object.

This functional object is included in the following service packages:

This functional object is mapped to the following Functional View PSpecs:


# Requirement
01 The center shall disseminate to travelersí wayfinding information for pathways and intersections upon request.
02 The center shall collect pathway information and status.


Currently, there are no standards associated with the functional object itself though the interfaces may have standards associated with them.