Reduce mean incident notification time (defined as the time between the first agency's awareness of an incident and the time to notify needed response agencies) by X percent over Y years (i.e., through "Motorist Assist" roving patrol programs, reduction of inaccurate verifications, etc.).

Associated Performance Measures

Average incident notification time of necessary response agencies.

Service Packages that Support the Objective

PS01-Emergency Call-Taking and Dispatch
PS04-Mayday Notification
PS06-Incident Scene Pre-Arrival Staging Guidance for Emergency Responders
PS07-Incident Scene Safety Monitoring
PS08-Roadway Service Patrols
PT05-Transit Security
TM08-Traffic Incident Management System

Associated Goals

Achieve a significant reduction in traffic fatalities and serious injuries on all public roads
Improve the security of the transportation system

Planning Factors

B. Increase the safety of the transportation system for motorized and nonmotorized users;
C. Increase the security of the transportation system for motorized and nonmotorized users;


Planning for Operations Desk Reference

Since the mapping between objectives and service packages is not always straight-forward and often situation-dependent, these mappings should only be used as a starting point. Users should do their own analysis to identify the best service packages for their region.