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Transit Vehicle OBE --> Basic Transit Vehicle:
transit vehicle control


transit vehicle control (Information Flow): Control commands to transit-specific hardware supporting transit fare collection, passenger counting, traveler information systems, and other transit-specific control systems on-board the transit vehicle. This flow also includes the signal disabling or enabling transit vehicle operation sent as a result of a transit vehicle operator authentication failure or a remote disable command. See also 'vehicle control', which includes general control commands that are applicable to all vehicles.

Transit Vehicle OBE (Source Physical Object): The Transit Vehicle On-Board equipment (OBE) resides in a transit vehicle and provides the sensory, processing, storage, and communications functions necessary to support safe and efficient movement of passengers. The types of transit vehicles containing this physical object include buses, paratransit vehicles, light rail vehicles, other vehicles designed to carry passengers, and supervisory vehicles. It collects ridership levels and supports electronic fare collection. It supports a traffic signal prioritization function that communicates with the roadside physical object to improve on-schedule performance. Automated vehicle location enhances the information available to the transit operator enabling more efficient operations. On-board sensors support transit vehicle maintenance. The physical object supports on-board security and safety monitoring. This monitoring includes transit user or vehicle operator activated alarms (silent or audible), as well as surveillance and sensor equipment. The surveillance equipment includes video (e.g. CCTV cameras), audio systems and/or event recorder systems. It also furnishes travelers with real-time travel information, continuously updated schedules, transfer options, routes, and fares. A separate 'Vehicle OBE' physical object supports the general vehicle safety and driver information capabilities that apply to all vehicles, including transit vehicles. The Transit Vehicle OBE supplements these general capabilities with capabilities that are specific to transit vehicles.

Basic Transit Vehicle (Destination Physical Object): The 'Basic Transit Vehicle' represents the transit vehicle that hosts the on-board equipment that provides ITS functions. It includes a specialized and extended databus that is subject to different vehicle databus standards and hosts a broad range of components that are unique to a transit vehicle including the farebox and associated electronics, passenger counters, and transit security systems. The Transit Vehicle may represent a bus, paratransit vehicle, light rail vehicle, or other vehicle designed to carry passengers.

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Characteristic Value
Time Context Now
Spatial Context Adjacent
Acknowledgement True
Cardinality Unicast
Initiator Source
Authenticable True
Encrypt True

Interoperability Description
Local In cases where an interface is normally encapsulated by a single stakeholder, interoperability is still desirable, but the motive is vendor independence and the efficiencies and choices that an open standards-based interface provides.


Information Flow Security
  Confidentiality Integrity Availability
Rating Moderate High High
Basis Internal vehicle flow that if reverse engineered could enable third party vehicle control. Largely a competitive question, could be set LOW if manufacturer and operator are not concerned with this type of compromise. Includes vehicle control commands, which must be timely and accurate to support safe vehicle operation. Includes vehicle control commands, which must be timely and accurate to support safe vehicle operation.

Security Characteristics Value
Authenticable True
Encrypt True