Concerns are concepts that are of interest or importance to one or more stakeholders. Concerns may apply to any phase of the system life cycle. However, some concerns may apply more during system design, implementation, operations, or maintenance and not during other phases of the system's life. A concern could be manifest in many forms, such as in relation to one or more stakeholder needs, goals, expectations, responsibilities, requirements, design constraints, assumptions, dependencies, quality attributes, architecture decisions, risks or other issues pertaining to the system. The following concerns are addressed by ARC-IT:


This concern deals with providing benefits. The connected vehicle applications have three missions: improvements in safety, mobility, and environmental stewardship:

  1. The safety mission is aimed to increase situational awareness and reduce or eliminate crashes.
  2. The mobility mission is aimed to enable the management of the transportation network toward optimum performance.
  3. The environmental mission is aimed to enable reductions in the environmental impacts of travel.

Note that while commercially-focused applications may be enabled by the deployment of connected vehicle technology, commercial and convenience applications are not a mission goal.


This concern deals with characteristics such as speed (responsiveness of services), availability, reliability, capacity, and other quantitative measures.


This concern deals with how interfaces are defined and how users access and operate applications within the CVE.


This concern deals with what functionality the CVE provides to users; how its components work together and how they transition between operational modes.


Security includes three main areas:

Information Security

This concern deals with securing the origin, transmittal and destination of information.

Operational Security

This concern deals with protecting the physical devices participating in the CVE from physical and environmental threats.

Personnel Security

This concern is about ensuring that personnel do not inadvertently or maliciously cause harm to CVE assets and have the proper training necessary to respond to security related incidents.


This concern is about organization of CVE development and the resources required to develop, deploy, operate and maintain devices and applications.

Personal Concerns

Personal concerns are those relevant to an individual operator or user.

Personal Safety

This concern deals with protecting the individual from physical harm.

Personal Privacy

This concern is about protecting the individual's ability to selectively reveal personal information.


This concern deals with the ease and convenience of realizing a functional, beneficial CVE with regard to the current state of technology and available resources.


This concern deals with the chance of and repercussions of failure in system development and operation. This concern clarifies which level of risk is acceptable.


This concern deals with the ability to extend and expand the CVE to deal with new and potential unforeseen conditions or changes in its mission or scope.


This concern deals with the issues surrounding deployment, including capital, human and other resource requirements, business models as well as transitions between development, deployment and operations.


This concern addresses issues of maintenance, in terms of resources required and impact on operations.