ITS Architecture Use and Maintenance Workshop
PDHs: 12

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Workshop Overview

This two-day workshop will help you better understand how your own regional ITS architecture can be used in regional and statewide transportation planning and project development. You will also gain greater insight into the decisions and the process steps involved in maintaining your regional ITS architecture. ITS "champions" and key stakeholders from each region will participate, and each workshop will have two to four regions. This is not a training course, but rather an interactive workshop facilitated by ARC-IT Team using interactive lectures, discussions, and group exercises. Participants should bring a copy of their regional ITS architecture to the workshop as it will be used throughout the workshop.

Target Audience

Workshop Objectives

Discussion in each workshop will relate closely to the Regional ITS Architecture Guidance Document, focusing on the technical and institutional issues that may arise when regions and states use their ITS architecture and maintain it over time. Specific objectives include understanding: