Systems Engineering for ITS Workshop
PDHs: 12-16

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Workshop Overview

This workshop will help you understand how systems engineering can be applied to your ITS project delivery process. The workshop will cover 1) the benefits of using systems engineering, 2) how to satisfy the Federal requirements for systems engineering, and 3) how to apply systems engineering to project delivery processes. A combination of lectures, transportation examples, and exercises will be used to illustrate the basic concepts and introduce the topics. The workshop will include facilitated discussions focused on the application of systems engineering in your specific project delivery process.

This two day workshop includes two parts:

Systems Engineering Training - Learn about systems engineering, moving from general concepts to the specifics of how systems engineering is being used for actual transportation projects.

Process Improvement Discussion - The workshop participants apply what they have learned about systems engineering to their own project delivery process. The existing project delivery process and experiences from recent projects are discussed. Facilitators and participants will work together to develop a set of actions or process improvement recommendations. This can be done as a brief facilitated discussion or as a longer exercise that makes the 2nd day of the workshop into a full day.

This workshop uses the new Systems Engineering for Intelligent Transportation Systems (SE for ITS) Website as a primary reference. The workshop will provide the information you need to apply the general systems engineering guidance from the handbook to your own organization and project delivery process.

Target Audience

No prior background in systems engineering is required.

Workshop Objectives

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to: