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Course Overview

This online training course on the Systems Engineering Tool for Intelligent Transportation (SET-IT) provides an alternative to an on-site SET-IT Training course. SET-IT is an interactive software program that assists transportation project developers and system integrators in the development of project architectures. This web-based training provides ITS professionals with an introduction and hands-on experience using the tool. The modules cover the basic layout of the tool, how to navigate the tool, and the basic steps to create an ITS project architecture that is based on ARC-IT.

At the end of the training, participants will be able to use the SET-IT software to create and modify an ITS project architecture.

Currently, the course material is presented in a set of downloadable PowerPoint Presentation files (pps) that allow the student to view the course slides with animation. There is also a set of downloadable PDF files that contain the notes that accompany each slide.

In a future update, the course material will be presented in a web-based format using Adobe Presenter with narration by instructors from the ARC-IT team.

Course Content

Click one of the modules below to download the course content:

Module Title Learning Outcomes
1 Introduction Provide the background necessary to understand the SET-IT Training, picks up where ARC-IT training left off.
2 Getting Started Identify the purpose of SET-IT and list the features of SET-IT.
3 Physical View Identify the key features of Physical View of SET-IT that are used to create an ITS project architecture.
4 Enterprise View Identify the key features of Enterprise View of SET-IT that are used to create an ITS project architecture.
5 Communications View Identify the key features of SET-IT's Communications View used to create an ITS project architecture.
6 Developing a Basic Project Using SET-IT Explain how SET-IT supports the creation of a project with customized ITS service packages as well as how to produce higher level diagrams and a draft Concept of Operations.

Target Audience

Due to the modular nature of this training course, participants can decide to take just one or take all 6 modules. Overall, this course is designed for:

Course Certificate

If you would like a certificate for your participation in one or more modules of this course please send an email using the "Contact The Architecture Team" link. Please provide your name, the module(s) completed, and the date they were completed. 3 PDUs are offered for each module.

Course Feedback

To provide feedback concerning this training course go to the Contact The Architecture Team page and complete the form. Be sure to mention the training course and module number.

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