Architecture Development Workshop
PDHs: 8-16

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Workshop Overview

This workshop series provides direct assistance to a region that is developing a regional ITS architecture, either as a new development or as a major update to an existing, older architecture. The architecture team assists the region in creating a regional ITS architecture development plan and then provides technical support for the actual architecture development. The workshop series begins with, and relies on, the identification of champion(s) in the region that will spearhead the architecture development and sustain the effort to complete, use, and maintain the architecture after the series is completed. An architecture team liaison will provide support throughout the workshop series. The series consists of two on-site workshops, periodic conference calls, a survey, and off-line architecture development activities that will typically require 6-12 months from the first conference call to final review of the architecture. By leveraging architecture team expertise and the local knowledge of the regional stakeholders, the champion(s) efforts in this workshop series will result in a quality, useable regional ITS architecture.

Target Audience

Workshop Objectives

At the end of this workshop series (including follow-on activities), the region will have: