Access Database Engine Steps

Previous versions of SET-IT/RAD-IT relied on Microsoft Access Database Engine (ADE) 2010 and some users reported issues attempting to save a file due to issues with ADE. That dependence has been removed with the March 2021 release but there are some one-time steps that need to be done in order for SET-IT/RAD-IT to work properly.

  1. Go to your Control Panel, find the Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 and click "Uninstall"
  2. Also on the Control Panel, highlight your Microsoft Office product – could be listed as Office 2016 or Microsoft 365 apps. Click "Repair" or "Change" and then Repair. If you are offered a choice for Quick Repair or a full repair you can choose the Quick option
  3. Perform that same Repair operation for your other Microsoft Office products, including Microsoft Visio, listed in the Control Panel
  4. Restart Windows

Now you can install and start the SET-IT or RAD-IT software.