About the Icons

This document uses icons to highlight different kinds of information. The icons can help you find particular types of information within the document.

Tips icon

The "Tips" icon identifies suggestions that may improve the regional ITS architecture development effort or the quality of the products that are generated. Usually based on actual experience, these are ideas that have worked in the past.


Caution icon

The "Caution" icon flags warnings. In contrast to tips, these are problems that have been encountered that you should avoid. Also frequently based on actual experience, these are ideas that have NOT worked in the past.



Resources iconThe "Resources" icon signals ITS resources that offer additional information related to regional ITS architectures. Normally, a specific web site address is provided for these resources. If you don't find the resources you need here, the "DOT ITS Knowledge Resources" website is an excellent general source of information. It is available on-line at https://www.itsknowledgeresources.its.dot.gov/its/itsbcllwebpage.nsf/KRHomePage.



Regulation iconThe "Regulation" icon highlights references to the federal regulation on ITS Architecture and Standards. These are normally specific references to paragraphs that are most relevant to the particular process step or product. Additional information on the regulation is available at: http://www.ops.fhwa.dot.gov/its_arch_imp/policy.htm.



ARC-IT iconThe "ARC-IT" icon identifies information about the National ITS Reference Architecture, also known as the Architecture Reference for Cooperative and Intelligent Transportation (ARC-IT). Specific information is provided on different parts of the Architecture and how they apply to particular regional ITS architecture development steps. Visit www.arc-it.net for more information.



Security iconThe "Security" icon is used to flag security-related information in the document. Security is an important factor to consider throughout the regional ITS architecture development. Identified passages explain where security may impact steps in the regional ITS architecture development process.



RAD-IT IconSET-IT IconThe RAD-IT and SET-IT icons are associated with specific information on the RAD-IT and SET-IT software tools. Normally, the passage explains how RAD-IT or SET-IT can be used to support a particular step in the regional ITS architecture development process or in the use of the architecture to support planning, programming of ITS projects, or development of ITS.