Support Roadway System Communications

This process shall support communications with authenticated applications running in centers, on other field equipment such as roadside equipment (RSE), vehicles, and personal devices. This process represents the field-based processing to ensure that data to be transmitted include a verifiable timestamp, a verifiable geographic location of the sender's origin, and a digital signature. The information may also be encrypted to protect sensitive data content. Similarly, with incoming data, this process shall verify the legitimacy of incoming data in terms of their timestamp, sender's geographic location, and valid digital signature. This process shall interact with a Cooperative ITS Certificate Management System (CCMS) to provide device identification to support authorization of other connected vehicle systems. This process shall receive time from an external Network Time Server to use to provide accurate timestamps for connected vehicle application data to be stored or transmitted to other processes. When available this process shall also use inputs of a local form of time expressed in universal time coordinated (UTC) format from a Support Service or time source in order to synchronize time based data distribution with other transportation functions.

This process is associated with the ITS Roadway Equipment physical object.

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