10.2.4: Provide Data Distribution System Operator Interface

This process shall interface with the Data Distribution System Operator terminator and receive inputs from the administrator concerning the management and administration of the data distribution system. The process shall establish user authentication controls for the DDS and send the information to the Support Center Data Services function. The process shall maintain the schema of the DDS, including the data and meta data contained within the data. Updates to the schema shall be distributed to the Manage Data function. The process shall send the parameters and requests to another DDS process to control what data is imported into the DDS and how the data is to be formatted when it is received. The parameters sent shall include such things as the schema, data format, methods to apply to the data, cleansing parameters, quality metrics, and checking specifications. The process shall send requests to the Get Archive Data function for new data or a catalog of data that may be available. The process shall respond to requests from the Manage Data Access Services function by making requests to establish the source and identity of the data that may exist in connected vehicle or other ITS sources. Then the process shall respond to the user request with the confirmation that the request can be satisfied and specifications about the data once it is imported. In cases where the Manage Archive function will be managing a roadside data collection function, this process shall initiate and control the function by sending commands and requests to the Manage Roadside Data Collection function. This process receives the status from the other functions within Manage Archived Data and presents them to the administrator.

This process is associated with the Data Distribution System physical object.

This process is associated with the following functional objects:

This process is associated with the following data flows: