Control Dynamic Lanes

This process shall activate lane management field equipment that is used to dynamically manage specific roadway lanes, shoulders, or portions of a road network (e.g. eco-zone) upon receiving configuration and control commands from another process. This process shall also accept parameters for autonomously monitoring traffic conditions and traffic demand data and determine how to change the road, lane, and shoulder controls to respond to current conditions. Lane and shoulder controls can be used to change the lane configuration of the roadway, reconfigure intersections and/or interchanges, allow use of shoulders for travel (as a lane), designate lanes for use by special vehicles only, such as buses, high occupancy vehicles (HOVs), vehicles attending a special event, etc. and/or prohibit or restrict vehicles from using particular lanes. In addition, this process shall notify the enforcement agency of violators of the lane controls. The process shall accept inputs to control the dynamic lane and shoulder management devices and return operational status (state of the device, configuration, and fault data) to the controlling process.

This process is associated with the ITS Roadway Equipment physical object.

This process is associated with the following functional objects:

This process is associated with the following data flows: