Provide Driver Information Interface

This process shall provide a user interface for a driver through which traffic and travel information can be obtained. The process shall enable traffic and travel information to be requested and output to the driver, and shall also support the automatic output of wide area broadcast information. User-configurable traveler information alert subscriptions shall be supported and resultant alerts shall be output to the driver. In-vehicle signage shall also be output to the driver, including indicator outputs, fixed signage, and advisory information such as that typically displayed on a dynamic message sign (DMS). The process shall support output of safety (e.g. position warnings, reduced speed zone warnings) and vision enhancement information to the traveler. This process shall support inputs from the driver to establish configurable parameters to customize the display of information and to set and override certain vehicle characteristics like trailer attached, number of axles, height of vehicle, etc. Such information could be used to customize the messages provided or displayed. When constructing all outputs the process shall use the store of vehicle display information parameters. This process shall use inputs for map data along with advisory data from other processes within the vehicle to present warnings to the driver of potential obstacles. One purpose of the vehicle display information parameters data store is to provide a translation table for road sign and message templates used for in-vehicle display. Part of the input interface provided by the process shall enable the driver to invoke and cancel automatic control of the vehicle including the use of automatic vehicle operations lanes. The process shall support inputs from the driver in manual or audio form, and shall provide its outputs in audible or visual forms. Visual output shall not impair the driver's ability to control the vehicle in a safe manner.

This process is associated with the Vehicle physical object.

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