6.3.2: Provide Public Traveler Interface

This process shall provide an interface at a kiosk through which travelers can input data and can receive data. This data may include digitized map data to act as the background to the output when the data is to be shown in a suitable format. The functions that the traveler can perform include plan and confirm trips, including wayfinding and obtain current traffic and transit information. The process shall support the inclusion of traveler (including non-motorized transportation) services such as lodging, restaurants, theaters, bicycle facilities and other tourist activities as a part of trip planning and confirmation. The process shall be able to store frequently used data, such as the kiosk location, to reduce the amount of input needed by the traveler for each request. The process shall also carry out input data verification and require input confirmation before passing any of the traveler data to other processes (except when an emergency is being declared). The traveler's payment information shall be obtained by this process from another process specially designed for that purpose. The process shall support traveler inputs in manual or audio form, and shall provide its outputs in audible or visual forms consistent with a kiosk. These forms shall include those that are suitable for travelers with hearing or vision physical disabilities. The process shall enable viewing of data that has been previously output. Where it is appropriate, the process shall use the kiosk's location to filter data being displayed to only show information relevant to the kiosk's location, or to a specific location requested by the traveler.

This process is associated with the Traveler Support Equipment physical object.

This process is associated with the following functional objects:

This process is associated with the following data flows: